How to Recover from a Bad Date

Valentine’s Day is over, which means either we are more in love or less in love than we were on February 13th… or maybe we weren’t affected by the “love spell” that lurks around this time of year. Either way, some Valentines dates were probably wonderful and great, but some were probably not so great. We’ve all been there, right? Where the date goes wrong and it takes time to recover. If the recovery process includes a Netflix binge and a “girls night out”, then yes, we are very familiar with that process.

At what point do dates become fun, you know? That is a very legitimate question. Most dates seem to turn out as a disaster; especially if they come from an online source. Yes, yes some of the lucky ones find their “happily ever after” from a dating website. But it’s probably fair to say that most do not. I’m not discounting the use of dating websites or apps, but I am saying that some of the dates from those sources are just awful! I think we can all agree, though.

Dating someone you met in person doesn’t guarantee an awesome date either, though. In fact, dates from someone you have met in person can turn out just as awful! Let’s all just admit that good and bad dates can come from any source. Ok, ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now and admit that some dates turn our really well and love is found. It’s the truth. But, for those bad dates, recovery ideas are always a good thing to have on hand.

I’ve already mentioned Netflix and a GNO, and for all those men out there, just substitute the “G” for “guys’ instead of “girls”. Those GNO’s can fix a lot! It’s a real thing. And, of course, Netflix is always a good option. You know what else can do the trick? Especially for those dates that didn’t go so well, but you want to pursue another one is a pop-up card. I tell you what, pop-up cards are a great way to give a good impression and send your apologies if needed. Don’t even tell me that you’re not impressed with the 3D pop-up cards. If you’re impressed, imagine how your date would feel if they got one of these! These things are amazing! Roses and chocolates are a great gift to encourage recovery, but those gifts are made even better with a pop-up card by its side.

Listen, good and bad dates happen to all of us. Our invitation is to make the recovery process easier with a pop-up card. Best of luck to all in the dating world, and happy shopping, my friends!