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Date Ideas

In just 10 days the world will be filled with love and laughter as many loved birds spend time together celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s a beautiful thing, really… Or some might say it’s the worst time of the year. Whatever your feelings are toward Valentines Day, restaurants will be filled and roses will be taken. For those of you who haven’t made any reservations or even thought about buying roses… yikes. Just kidding, we’ve got you covered. Refer to our last blog post about gifts for him or her and continue reading to receive some super date ideas. Let me just preface by saying that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to share your expressions of love with the loved...

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How to Recover from a Bad Date

Valentine’s Day is over, which means either we are more in love or less in love than we were on February 13th… or maybe we weren’t affected by the “love spell” that lurks around this time of year. Either way, some Valentines dates were probably wonderful and great, but some were probably not so great. We’ve all been there, right? Where the date goes wrong and it takes time to recover. If the recovery process includes a Netflix binge and a “girls night out”, then yes, we are very familiar with that process. At what point do dates become fun, you know? That is a very legitimate question. Most dates seem to turn out as a disaster; especially if they...

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