What is Cards2Life?

Cards2Life creates 3D pop-up greeting cards that spring to life with each memorable opening. Described as the “best card you’ll ever give” and the “card you’ll never throw away,” Cards2Life cards have become collectible treasures worldwide.

When was the company founded?

Cards2Life is a Division of NavSeven and backed by Hoodoo Capital founded in 2001. Formed in 2014, the company has brought a new dimension of excitement, beauty and craftsmanship to the $8 billion greeting card industry.

How is Cards2Life changing the stationary and greeting card industry?

Led by a team of innovative, experienced artisans and a senior level management team, Cards2Life is leading the virtual 3D greeting card market, the most significant growth sector within the industry.

Cards2Life’s product lines for each season and special occasion are enhanced with the ability to create customized cards and renderings of any existing architectural structure or visual design. The laser-cut and handcrafted cards leave people speechless as the card springs to life.

What makes Cards2Life unique?

Cards2Life creates surprising cards that spring to life to celebrate life’s most significant moments. The handcrafted real life detail pops off the page and creates collectable treasures.

What is your best selling card?

The best selling card is the “Blue Ship of Wonder.” However, each season and each sector has it’s own favorites. The “Wedding” industry goes crazy over the “Arch of Romance.” The “Occasion” market loves the “Vibrant Bouquet of Celebration,” and the “Sympathy” market’s favorite is the “Balloon of Hope.”

How many product lines does Cards2Life offer?

Cards2Life offers two main product lines that include our pop-up celebrations as well as our “J Cards.” Within those product lines, we offer hundreds of different designs and color schemes.

What is Cards2Life target market?

The primary consumer of the pop-up celebrations is currently women between the ages of 23-64. However, we have established a clientele base with men and women of all ages.

How many cards have been sold?

We are presently selling approximately 10,000 cards per month into niche specialty channels.

Who are Cards2Life competitors and what differentiates you from them?

Cards2Life has several competitors in the 3D greeting card pop-up market, which validate the need, growth potential and opportunity within the industry. We value our competitors because they are helping us expand and grow this sector.

The following differentiates and uniquely positions Cards2Life as the industry leader:

  1. Hoodoo Capital backed company. With over 20 successful high profile business launches, Hoodoo Capital’s successful track record gives Cards2Life stability, access to seasoned management, and ability to intelligently penetrate the market. Most of Cards2Life’s competitors were funded by kickstarter campaigns or with limited self-funding.
  2. Cards2Life offers a pallet of over 40 brilliant colors. Most of our competitors offer three or four colors, primarily blue and red.
  3. First pop-up card company to meet standard U.S. Postal sizing requirements. This saves our customers three times the postal fees.
  4. Extensive business acumen. Cards2Life’s backbone is comprised of a wise, seasoned management team combined with a young, hungry, brilliant group of entrepreneurs.
  5. Control of our supply source with a physical footprint in Southeast Asia.
  6. Deliberately entering vertical niche markets. This gives us the ability to maintain a high value proposition while sustaining margins and creating a strong loyal customer base.
  7. We are in the process of submitting and securing patent pending technology.
  8. Our factory was the first in the world to implement 3D pop-up technology used for the cards.
  9. We have the lowest wholesale pricing structure in the market. We are able to do this because we control our production and our logistics.
  10. We have proprietary 3D rendering software that enables us to economically design and rapidly create 3D renderings of nearly any existing architectural structure or visual image for our clients.
Where is Cards2Life headquartered?

Cards2Life is headquartered in Provo, Utah, U.S.A, with handcraft assembly in Southeast Asia.

Where are the cards made?

The cards are domestically designed, laser cut and handcrafted in Southeast Asia.

Do you have plans to expand the product line?

Yes. In fact, each month we add 50 new designs and cards to the product offering. We also have the ability to custom design proprietary cards for an individual or organization with a quick turn around time. These custom orders have a reasonable minimum order quantity and are priced at the standard card rates.

How much do the cards cost?

The retail price ranges anywhere from $7.99-$9.99 depending on size, intricacy, and design.

Where can I purchase Cards2Life?

Retail consumers can purchase the cards online at www.cards2life.com, or at one of the retail partners on our rapidly growing supplier list throughout the United States. Wholesale purchases can be made by calling 801-890-5050.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Connect with us online:

For customer service inquires, email or call Kami Tanner at kami@cards2life.com, 801-890-5050.

For sale inquiries, email or call Stephen Sainsbury at stephen@cards2life.com, 801-890-5050.

For media inquiries, email or call Stephen Whyte at Stephen@StrategiConnections.com, 801-529-3060.